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Age Of Empires: Definitive Edition Review: Antique Revival

Age Of Empires: Definitive Edition Review: Antique RevivalBooting up Age of Empires: Definitive Edition for the first time is immediately surprising. The original game launched more than two decades ago, but it’s been refined and revived for 2018, ready for modern audiences–or at least old players with new PCs and missing CD keys. It begins with pomp as a curt opening trailer... Read More »

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review: The Past Comes At You Fast

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review: The Past Comes At You FastNo matter how much a textbook, TV show, or video game strives to depict the reality of what life was like in ages past, the end result is usually sanitized. The medieval era is a great case in point. Think of this long-ago time today and you imagine noble knights, maidens fair, and fat kings... Read More »

Fe Review: Strike A Chord

Fe Review: Strike A ChordIn Fe, your most powerful tool is your voice. You, a small fox-like creature, can use your songlike call to befriend other animals, open up new pathways in the environment, and distract the game’s mechanical enemies. But you also have to know when to stay quiet and silently read the signals of the other forest... Read More »

Secret Of Mana Review: Where Secrets Go, Trouble Follows

Secret Of Mana Review: Where Secrets Go, Trouble FollowsThe new Secret of Mana is billed as a remake, but “reconstruction” is probably more accurate. If not for the updated graphics, it could almost be considered a port of the SNES game. Combat, magic, and movement are much the same. The new mini-map—one of the scant few quality-of-life tweaks–is the original SNES bitmap of... Read More »

Rust Review: Life Is Fleeting

Rust Review: Life Is FleetingIt’s hard not to have your interest piqued by Rust. Few other games strive to make you feel as helpless, vulnerable, and lost as its startling opening and outwardly confusing mechanics do. Rust wants you to think it’s about survival, but it never uses the tools at its disposal to realize that. Instead it becomes... Read More »

Attack Of The Earthlings Review: The Tables Have Turned

Attack Of The Earthlings Review: The Tables Have TurnedThe premise of Attack of the Earthlings is the flip of a well-worn trope: Instead of being faced with an impending alien invasion, humans are the intergalactic terror. And (even worse, depending on your own views) the invading terrans are hopelessly incompetent capitalists, who are out to make a quick buck. As the matriarch of... Read More »

Aegis Defenders Review

Aegis Defenders ReviewIn combining a tower defense game with a platformer, Aegis Defenders carries an ingenious idea at its core. The problem is, that idea is never fully reallized: the game’s surface-layer tower defense is serviceable but unbalanced, while the platformer underneath is unimaginative and frustrating, leaving very little to actually enjoy. Each level is separated into... Read More »

Bayonetta 2 Review

Bayonetta 2 ReviewEditor’s note: Bayonetta 2 arrives on Switch with everything intact from the Wii U version, but with the added convenience of portability and a more consistent frame rate, making it the definitive version of the game. Thanks to the confident execution of seemingly unbridled creativity, Bayonetta 2 remains a game that shouldn’t be missed, just... Read More »

Dynasty Warriors 9 Review: A New World

Dynasty Warriors 9 Review: A New WorldThe story of Three Kingdoms-era China has been a mainstay of Dynasty Warriors since the days of the original PlayStation–and while it’s gone through a number of iterations since then, Dynasty Warriors 9 represents the biggest shift away from the series’ established formula since moving from a one-on-one fighting game to its more established musou... Read More »

The Longest Five Minutes Review: The Power Of Memories

The Longest Five Minutes Review: The Power Of MemoriesThe premise of The Longest Five Minutes is one that immediately grabs your attention. You’re thrust into the climactic final battle of an old-school Japanese RPG, only you–playing as the main hero–have been afflicted by the sort of amnesia that usually hits at the beginning of those games. You’ve forgotten everything: your name, where you... Read More »