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Mothergunship Review: Bullet-Hell Extravaganza

Mothergunship Review: Bullet-Hell ExtravaganzaMothergunship wastes little time in throwing you head-first into its fast-paced and over-the-top bullet-hell experience. As the spiritual successor to indie roguelike FPS Tower of Guns, this homage to ’90s action games balances a number of clever mechanics throughout its pulse-pounding jaunt through the inner depths of alien ships. As you’re dodging hundreds of enemy... Read More »

20XX Review – Robot Generation

20XX Review – Robot Generation20XX wears its influences on its sleeve. If you’re familiar with Mega Man X, then slipping into the metallic bodies of 20XX’s two core protagonists–the gunner Nina and the swordsman Ace–will feel like coming home again. Both characters are satisfying to control, and executing combinations of dashes, wall jumps, and attacks is an intuitive process... Read More »

Fighting EX Layer Review: One-On-One Fun

Fighting EX Layer Review: One-On-One FunFighting EX Layer is a one-one-one fighting game that’s built for a very specific audience. There’s no tutorial, no story mode, not even a basic arcade mode yet. However, the resulting game is built purely on competitive fighting with focused efforts on making the brawling as satisfying and engaging as possible. And to that end,... Read More »

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Nintendo Switch Review: Time For Adventure

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Nintendo Switch Review: Time For AdventureNintendo has all but cornered the market on streamlined, cute adventures for all ages. While Captain Toad made his first appearance in Super Mario Galaxy, he’s since been spun off into his own puzzle-platforming series based on a very different type of design philosophy than you may be used to. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker debuted... Read More »

Octopath Traveler Review: Divide And Conquer

Octopath Traveler Review: Divide And ConquerRetro throwbacks rarely go for the mid-’90s mix of 2D sprites and low-res 3D models, but along comes Octopath Traveler, a game that manages to both faithfully recreate the aesthetic and add to it in subtle yet meaningful ways. It’s a great look, one that draws you into the world and delights you with small... Read More »

Sonic Mania Plus Review – Encore! Encore!

Sonic Mania Plus Review – Encore! Encore!From the opening title’s splash screen, Sonic Mania‘s presentation is intoxicating. Its colorful, retro 2D graphics and vibrant ’90s-inspired pop soundtrack is enough to make any Sega Genesis fan squeal in excitement. In this jointly developed game, Sega and members of the Sonic fan-hack community have created a loving homage to the blue hedgehog’s glory... Read More »

Rainbow Skies Review: Rainbow in the Dark

Rainbow Skies Review: Rainbow in the DarkRainbow Moon wasn’t a hugely impactful game when it released in 2012, but it was nevertheless a charming and scrappy RPG that found an audience who remember it fondly. The belated follow-up, Rainbow Skies, is decidedly less memorable, serving up an RPG experience that’s better at filling time than providing entertainment. It has an enormous... Read More »

The Crew 2 Review – On The Road Again

The Crew 2 Review – On The Road AgainAfter 30 hours, The Crew 2 has left me with a lot of wonderful memories. They aren’t filled with the kind of emergent stories you get from exploring an open world and its systems, nor are they moments that involve goofing around with strangers–The Crew 2 is lacking in both those aspects. Instead, my memories... Read More »

Wreckfest Review: Crashing The Party

Wreckfest Review: Crashing The PartyIf there’s anything to be learned from a game like Wreckfest, it’s that thrashing around old bangers, running opponents into concrete barriers, and threading the needle between a group of crashing cars can, even in 2018, be brilliantly fun. After a four-year stint in Steam’s early access, Wreckfest has hit the track with surprising confidence.... Read More »

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Nintendo Switch Review

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Nintendo Switch ReviewFollowing Doom in 2017, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is the next Bethesda shooter to make its way to Nintendo Switch. It’s a bit strange to see The New Colossus on a new platform before its predecessor, The New Order, but jumping in for a second playthrough is a nice excuse to try it out... Read More »